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Cellular Shades / Honeycomb Shades

shades are among the most popular of all window coverings due to their crisp, clean style and versatility. The soft, yet durable, shades are available in single, double, and triple honeycombs for better energy efficiency. Choose from a wide variety of light-filtering or room darkening fabrics in hundreds of colors. Available in several pleat sizes (larger pleats are more energy efficient). When raised, cellular shades are compact, giving you a clear view. Optionally, your shades can be motorized, cordless (for extra safety), or include special lifting options such as the very popular bottom-up/top-down. The continuous cord loop option helps you lift large, heavy shades with less effort.

Light-Filtering Cellular Shades from for the best value in cellular shades. Cellular shades are popular for insulation, privacy and light-filtering capabilities, and these shades provide the same benefits at a much lower price. Also featuring our most popular cordless upgrade for free, this shade is the perfect choice! When opened, the shade will stack compactly at the top of the window for a clear view outside, and the single and double cell materials will help insulate your windows and save on energy costs. All of these features combine to create a versatile soft shade that completes almost any window, available at a bargain price.


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